June 25 1999


(I am sure the hardcore get the pun – oh well I could hardly say Arcterex Undergoes A Self-Colonostomy as a headline could I?)

At dinner last night, my dear buddy Arcterex managed to shock me to such a degree that it rocked my very existence. Arcterex announced to me that he was learning EMACS.

I got up and left the table. Only to return a moment or two later with the determination of a hundred armies of convincing him to come back to the wonder and awe that is VI(M). He then noted that he had purchased the O’Reilly – my head hit the table with a kathunk that registered 3.7 on the Richter Scale. I feel weakened as a woman, weakened as the apprentice to Arcterex that he has been hypnotized by the coloured lights of EMACS and wooed by it’s alleged (evil) powers. Please help me convince my Penguin Master Arcterex that only nasty things can come to him. Write him and try to get him to think straight again at VI OR DIE. There is a great disturbance in the force.

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