All of us, in life, mutter. This muttering can sometimes be heard by others, but more often not.  These mutterings take all forms… art, philosophy, music… violence. To not hear a person’s mutterings is a truely great loss.

This page has a few of my works, my mutterings. I show them to you not as a brag or gloat, or satisfy some egotistical need to show off. But because if someone likes them, and understands them, then my job will be done. These are not great works, but mutterings.


While I’ve never really pursued it, I’ve written a couple of poems that I have shared here. They are generally the same, and not updated recently, and written when I had lots of spare time on my hands. An IRC channel I used to hang out in produced some poetry as well. Scary stuff.

When I had more time on my hands, I also collected lots of .signatures and quotes from various newsgroups such as a.f.c and a.s.r. These are similar to some of the other Linux cookies and quotes. Similar to these are the You Know You’ve Been Hacking Too Long When… list.  I have found other old and wonderful stories from the beginning of computer time.

Creative & Funny

Occasionally I’ve even been known to be creative, an example of this is an assignment for my Information Technology class. The assignment was to “In no more than one page, explain to this “client” the need for the implementation of an IT charge back system….If you want, set it up like a movie script, commercial, dialog from a novel…..” Other examples are less than shining, like my condom story. I even tried reviewing an album once!

I also love to rant about UPS. And yes, that’s a true story. I also occasionally rant about people I know, but in a good way. All hail the Sonya worship page.

My dear friend Iambe has on occasion asked me to write for her, and occasionally I have.

Differences between men and women amuse me greatly, as does the ability to laugh at my gender and the dating game in general. That’s not to say that things don’t just piss me off of course! Wow, that’s an old list, course, I love to bitch 🙂


I write code in C, and even have some c programming tips and tricks that might help people. At one point I said I was going to learn EMACS, and the gauntlet was thrown down. In the end I wrote up a nice comparision between Vi and EMACS.


I once went to Calgary, and documented some of the strangeness there. I’ve also been caught in less than respectable situations as well. I have a webcam page but it’s old and outdated.

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