Just put another pic of me on my "about me" page. Hope it doesn’t scare you


Tooo much work 🙁 School, job etc. I’m heading for burn out on a rocket slid

on rails… or something like that. Actually it is kind of nice to have the

stress back — it’s like an old friend.

Spent a lot of money I didn’t have a couple of days ago. But now I have a

P100 with 24 meg RAM and a Mach 64 PCI video card. Old technology I know, but

still. By the way, my network card (ne2000 compatible) doesn’t work anymore.


p>Does anyone know if a Sound Blaster Pro can share IRQ 7 with LPT1?

href=”mailto:alan_bailward@mindlink.bc.ca”>Please tell me.

Someone looked at my page at school a while ago and laughed at the way that

people just open up and tell the world anything and

everything about their lives. I wonder why we do that? Is it a

sense of importance? Is it because we think that if we do it will make us

seem more important… better people. I’m not saying opening up is

bad, but I am wondering why we computer geeks do it to people who we

don’t know and will never see.

Whoops, almost forgot. I’ll have a new pic of me (like you want to see MORE

of me) soon. A friend took one in class last night with one of them funky

digital cameras and mailed it to me the same night.