Well, this will be my last update for a bit. Tomorrow morning at about 6am

I will be leaving for Calgary with Darren and Pam. We’ll be stopping at

Lake Louise probably to sight see a bit, but will continue on to Calgary and

arrive there around 7 or 9 that night. We’ll be staying with

Shelybean. Friday there is

talk of heading up to Drumheller (sp?) or the like, to check things out.

Saturday there is a get togeather planned, hopefully everyone will get together

with everyone else. I look forward to meeting Sept, and Epsilon, and seeing

Squiddy, Nermal, NaCl, Echo, Skipee, etc etc. Most of these people’s homepages

are at http://www.northco.net/regs

I’ll find out today (maybe) if my car is a write off or not. In a way I hope

it is, because that means I don’t have to worry about putting the radio back

in, trying to sell it and saying "well, yes, it was in an

accident, but it’s a really good car!" Of course, if it is a write off

I get to try to find another car. Getting something that isn’t crap will

be an interesting experience for someone just starting school. My neck is

feeling fine today though.

Oh yea, ICBC forgot to mention to me monday that yes, they can

arrange a loaner car for me. When I called yesterday she offered to set me

up with one, but of course I don’t need it until I get back on the 26th.

Kinda pissed me off.

If I don’t get anything more on this today, I’ll still be checking my

email, and can be contacted through Brian.

OBGeekMoment: Was considering changing my answering machine message to end with

"…Information on Alan can be obtained through his homepage."

Tired too. Met flopsy from Houston last night. Up till 12:30 with her and

Darren in Vancouver. Man am I tired.

Anything else. Not really. I’ll try to update from Calgary if I have time,

if not, I’ll be back on the 26th or 27th!


(11:15am to be accurate)

Just found out my car is a write-off. Waiting now to see how much they offer

me for it… apparently it’ll take a couple days. I don’t know if I should

be happy or sad. I don’t think that there is much of a bright side to this

whole fiasco (ok, ok, no one got killed, and minor whiplash is no big deal,

but still….).

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