Well, I had my last midterm today. It went… ok. It was in Information Technology (ZZzzzz….).

But it went ok. After the test was over a bunch of people just hung out and chatted, and we actually

spent more time doing that then writing the test.

The important part of this is that it was the last midterm. The goat is going tomorrow morning (if I

have the strength for it). I’m sure one undisclosed person (who, when asked if she liked it said,

"Well, I don’t hate it…")🙂

An undisclosed friend of mine, working at an undisclosed climbing gym has been letting me climb for free

when she is working (the last 2 nights).... Road to fitness here I come! It's kind of depressing

actually. I could at one time climb 5.11c (TR), now I get pumped just going around the gym. But I

suppose you have to expect that the first time back. Ah well, soon I'll get a membership there, and not

have to go at 8pm or later tuesday to friday. Course, I need money first, I had to cash in a bond to pay

off my M/C. But not it's all uphill (assuming no more terrible things happen money-wise).

End Alan's financial situation 🙂

What else... well, I'm working on a new poem and web page to go with it, and am actually thinking

about the design for the new page. And a Milla page! Yay! She's a babe, my new obsession, and

exactly one month younger than me. Cosmic or what? I have a couple of

backgrounds made up with the various women of

my sad and pathetic obsessions.

Oh yea, Chips & Dips has moved to http://slashdot.org.

My parents are in Hawaii (lucky buggers), so if they see this, I hope you're having fun. Other

that that... oh yea, the new guy at work is a Pepsi drinking, Netscape loving guy. We'll get him

onto Coke (liquid happiness).

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