Sorry for the long time between updates, I know I have hordes of fans just waiting with baited breath

for the next update. Actually it is more like my parents wondering if I am coming to dinner or not


Well, every once and a while you feel like life has beaten you down. Then sometimes, just sometimes,

it lets you up, wipes you off and says "you done good, now go have some fun!"

This is not one of those times.

So here is my last bit of life:

    <LI>The guy who I am renting a parking space from gave it to someone else without telling me,
    as I &quot;wasn't paying.&quot;  He never complained to me.  When I said I had been paying his
    wife when we met in the garage or hall he informed me they had been broken up for 4 months or so...
    then apologized profusely.
    <LI>Calculus quiz. I'll say no more on that.
    <LI>New clutch needed.  So much for financial stability.
    <LI>Much homework/assignments coming up.  Finals not far away <STRONG>eeeeeeeek!</STRONG>
    <LI>Broke up with my girlfriend.  This is not a big surprise really, I saw it coming.  She has
    things to deal with, and I suppose I'm moving on with my life.  Want to see an irony?  Look
    <A HREF="news-to-1197.html">here</A> and look for the last entry (11/3/96).  Ironic in a
    &quot;oh look I chopped of my <EM>other</EM> finger!&quot; type way.

Ah well, such is life. I suppose that my birthday is coming up is something good. 22 huh? Well I feel

older you know. But I’m glad I maintain a maturity level of < 17 or so 🙂