Just got back in, and since it’s so late, and tomorrow is Saturday, why the heck can’t I stay up a little
longer? The Christmas party at work was pretty fun, there was a casino thing happening, with
blackjack, roulette and some other games, food, drinks, hell we even danced a little at the end. After
I went over to esoBOFH’s place and was drooling over his cable
modem, and the amount of space he has…

Learnt a valuble lesson while doing work on my new homepage,
regarding Netscape and putting images right togeather. You have to
use tables, or else there are gaps in between the images. And, as I found out after much
time banging my head against a wall, this:


<TD><IMG SRC=”left.jpg”>


<TD><IMG SRC=”right.jpg”>



Will, in netscape leave spaces between the left and right images. This won’t however:


<TD><IMG SRC=”left.jpg”></TD>

<TD><IMG SRC=”right.jpg”></TD>


The only difference being of course, that the closing </TD> tag is on the same line as the <IMG>
tag. I guess Netscape interpretes the return at the end of the line as a space, and displays it accordingly.
IE doesn’t have this problem. Anyway, there’s an HTML lesson for today.

Some cool links I found today at work:

http://www.empirenet.com/~dljones/index.html – A
site dedicated to the number 42, what could be

http://www.nicom.com/~jdempsey/funnystuff/index.html – Some
funny links from a homepage linked from the #linuxos page. Go to
http://www.nicom.com/~jdempsey for his "base" homepage.

My kitten fell into the bath today. After working his way from the side, over the faucet, to the corner, then
from the corner working the front half of his body over toward the soap dish thingy…. well, halfway through
this delicate manouver, his rear right paw, being used to support and balance off the faucet, came off.
He almost stuck it, but ended up with the back end of him in the water, quite surprised, and tearing out
of the tub. Very funny to watch 🙂 but I didn’t get the impression he was to amused.

1 exam done, 3 to go, and 2 projects to go. So much for time or those "weekend" things for the
next couple weeks….

Countdown to Quake2 supposed to be in stores: 3 days.

Hours of sleep I’d like to get, starting now: lots.

Night all, see you in:

  • 5 hours if my kitten is indeed hellspawn
  • 12 hours if he’s nice and lets me sleep in