Well, I’ve been assured my multiple sources that the gall bladder has nothing
to do with peeing (that’s the kidneys!). Also, regarding the sonic blasting
of gallstones, I hear that the gallbladder is quite sensitive and that it
would be ripped to shreds by the forces needed to blast the stones.

Well, tonight is my last night of email for a day or so, as I’m going under
the knife tomorrow morning (insert spooky music here). I’m not worried
though, the thing that concerns me more is the shaving of my belly. I’ll have
to find some sort of anti-nair to compensate for the lack of lower chest hair.
Anyway, I’ll not be around tomorrow but I shall get back to all email as soon
as I’m mobile again. If you wish to phone me with good wishes, send money or
supermodels, feel free <g>