Wow. Home sweet home. More of a wrap up available here.

After the expo I headed to a place near LA to visit a friend of mine.
Except for the (literal) hours of walking around in search of things
like colleges, backpacks, internet terminals and combs, I had a great
time. A $30 cab ride and 3 hours of waiting later (the next day that
is) and I was on a plane bound for Seattle. A quick changeover (read:
ran like a madman to get on my connecting flight) and I was on a
Dash-8 to Bellingham. A short flight later (beside a guy who in lieu
of using his tray simply left his cup between his teeth when he had
finished his drink).

Arriving at the bellingham airport I found that baggage needs
approximatly 40 minutes to get from one flight to another. Hence, my
bags weren’t there. The people were more than happy to ship my
backpack to me as soon as it go there, send it up by taxi and whatnot,
but since my car keys were in the bag that wasn’t here, that wouldn’t
be needed. I was perfectly happy to camp out on their floor though.
Instead I sat and read Rainbow 6 (by Tom Clancy) as I had
finished Brave New World (excellent book by the way, I must put
a review up sometime… I’m also thinking of turning the UFie Movie Review Site into a
review site in general, books, software, movies, videos…. ). I
thought I’d have to wait till 9:30 when the next flight came in (and
since we landed around 7 this would have sucked), but luckily it was
on another flight and was put in my hands at around 8:30.

Except for a drive up the I-5 when I should have not, and an
interrogation at the boarder (had to explain how I went down with 3
people, stayed longer than them and then came back alone), the ride
back was uneventful.

When I finally got home I found that Arctermom and Arcterdad had
stopped by (to check to see if roomie* were actually feeding the cats)
and had done some cleaning and laundry for me (something I’ve not had
done since I moved out 3 years ago). Thanks guys, it was really great
to come home to clean. Strange, but great at the same time.

Now I think it’s almost time to try out my new Happy Hacker keyboard.