And the cards do fall…

Well, I got sleep last night, went to bed at midnight and got up at 9
or so… and I plan to do the same tonight. It’s 10pm and I’m gonna
frag for a few minutes and then hit the hay. Today was
semi-productive. I still haven’t done squat on the code I want/need
to write but I vegged, got a letter in the mail, scoped out some stuff
for something at sometime (and it was good… yay, it was good) and
got some minor shopping done. Now at least my cereal in the morning
won’t be to dry.

Going climbing tomorrow with my good buddy Brad out to Harrison
assuming the weather holds, and then to the parents for dinner and the
out to see the Smiling Man (and possibly the Chief) jam (going out to
hang with a buddy after the parents dinner thing). I hope tomorrow is
a good and stress free day. I’d ramble about my advocation of the 3
day weekend but I don’t have the ambition right now 🙂

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