Just on my way out. This is how I went.
If anything it just proves I can still tie a tie. Speaking of the tie, as I’m
going to a (ugh) real estate event I chose my realtor tie. Here’s a close up of it. A very angry
looking Donald Duck. Kinda a ‘ask me what your password is and I’ll kill you’
type look.


I think I got sleep last night, but I’m not sure. Ended up talking to Leather
Otter about his taking over the UFie seti@home team stuff, which has been
arranged. Hope it works out. My new arctercam site is /almost/ done. All I
need to do is put some pictures up and then I’ll release it. Might put in the
option for a live cam as well, just in case I do have stalkers. Thing is it
sucks to have to kill the cron job that runs the cam when I want to play quake
or something. But on the other hand, 99% of the time I’m not there, so people
get the same picture of the back of my wall over and over again. We’ll see.
I might be able to figure something out, but till then I think it’ll be a
static image, a la frickcam.

Except for coughing up yellow stuff this morning (and using the last of the
meds that got me through the day yesturday) I feel pretty good. It’s friday,
all the lights were good for me coming into the ‘wack this morning, so that
must be a sign right? Either that or Fate is preparing me for a
really bad day by giving me a good drive in. Hmmm….

Course, my day can’t be much worse than roomiekid’s…. roomiewife was taking
him in to be circumcised this morning. When I got to hold him while she was
getting ready to go out I didn’t tell him, I figure he’s going to find out in
a bit anyway, why not let him enjoy the car ride right?

That and at less than a week old he probably won’t really know what is going
on anyway.

Ha! Finally I came out the winner of something with Iambe. We went to the
pub last night and were talking about men, women, and young women. I admitted
that these days I honestly can’t tell how old someone is. If they are in the
16-30 range generally I can’t even hazard a guess. However, 22 is always the
Right Answer. If they are younger they think they look older, and if they are
older they think they look younger, and you come out a winner both ways. So she
asked me how old I thought our waitress was. I said no clue, and she said that
she was 26. “Women can tell.” So when our waitress returned I asked, she said
“well, how old do you think I am?” to which Iambe said 26 and I said 22. She
pointed to me and said “bingo” and then something about “I’m going with him” (sadly I
couldn’t think of a good flirty line to go with). Iambe of course claimed she
looked mature, but I know the truth! It was a good guess though I
must admit. Course, Iambe claimed she was talking about the waitress that
brought us our food (who could be 26 as she was in the same school as solas
(sol, tell me how old that blonde waitress
at Finnies is?), but that wasn’t our waitress.

Ok, I’ll stop gloating now 🙂

Here is proof that you learn something new all the time:

  • To avoid plaintext ftp transfers (in the days where SSH is a Good
    Thing(tm), use scp. The (simplified) syntax is: scp
    local-file user@host:/new/path/to/file

    There are other options but this seems to work for me.
  • In perl, $#arrayname holds the length of an the array
    @arrayname. So if you wanted to iterate through an array you could do
    something like :

    my @names = qw (fred bob james alan);

    for (my $i=0; $i < $#names; $i++) {

      #… do something


  • the “qw()” above you might wonder what that is. Well, that’s the last
    thing I learned. You could use my @names = (“fred”, “bob”,
    “james”, “alan”), but that’s messy. qw() is a “quote word” function that
    I guess will automatically quote things for you. Gets rid of the need to
    \” all the time. Doesn’t do much if the name is “fred jones” though.
    Though I’m sure there’s a way around that 🙂