Well, in the midst of being distracted by these there is the
“90210 Final Goodbye” show on TV. Now on one hand I’d love to make fun of
this… I mean, they’re announcing that this week is (was) the second to last
show. The second to to last! Why the second, why not make a huge
deal about the fifth from last or 10th! They are in the
midst of going through all the tearful “I had so much fun / they’re like
family to me / I had more action in this show than in real life” type BS. Now
on one hand it is pretty stupid, but on the other hand, 10 years is a hell of
a long time to be on TV. Hell, I remember watching the show when it
first started (I know this only because I remember the first show (based on
what they showed mind you)). I must have been like…. 14, 15, something like
that. It was kind of like a modern Degrassi High show, as (IIRC) Degrassi
ended around that time (with the F word being spoken on TV… on CBC! Oy!
The sky is falling!).

Working on some cool stuff at work…. it’s nice to have all these extra
people there to do other extra work like testing or graphics or website or
whatever. Course, I’m just a lazy I guess 🙂

Sleeping early is nice, I’m actually making a point to go to bed earlier…
course, now you’re going to say something about getting up earlier. Pah. I
say Nay! NAY!

I’m incoherant now, I admit that.