Hint for the day:

When you get a cool new TV stand from your parents, put it in your front
hallway in the morning (as you forgot to take it out of the back of the car
the night before) on your way to work, then return home late late that night,
don’t turn the lights off as you head straight to bed. Bad
things can happen.

Not that I’d know of course.

Today was helpingfriendsmoving day. Not too bad once we got The System going.
It didn’t involve climbing rope… but it almost did. Balancing precariously
on the back of a truck though, which while not as good, is some sort of
substitute for climbing right?

Tonight instead of going straight to bed after falling on my
face^W^W^W^Wcoming in I decided to update this, and ended up on Cyranth’s snippets page and realized how
much we all need something like this. There’s tons of stuff
I hear day in and day out and think “yea, that’s exactly it” but then lose it.
Now I guess the question is do we try to keep that, store it somewhere for
when our concious minds forget it, or just let it go, and let it’s influence
be passing. That I can’t tell you, but I know that I myself am the keeper
kind. Memories, happy and sad, books, letters, and snippets (though more of
the life kind) are all around me, though often hidden from view of others.
Not many people, if any get to see that side of me, my memories and past
dreams and fears and failures. They’re not all bad. Sometimes you learn
something in the midst of things. Sometimes you learn something more
important than you’ve ever learnt before. That’s when I can’t let things go.
That’s when I keep things (“life is pain, highness”).

I guess I’ll just keep collecting 🙂 the public ones are on the main page (scroll down).

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