Sadly an unproductive weekend. Saturday Tig got his new car, a snazzy little
white civic. Good thing too, in the carpool stance of things he owes us about
a year of driving 🙂 Today we did a washing ritual in the boiling sun…
boiling literally as water, soap, armour-all, etc all fried right off the cars
(his and mine) as we washed, cleaned, waxed and armour-alled them. It was a
little too hot it seems, as I got all sorts of streaks on mine. Oh
well, better hot than raining IMHO.

Tomorrow I’m not going running. I should, I know, but if I
go to bed like, almost right now I will get [pause for calculations] 8
and a half hours of sleep
. I doubt that’ll happen though, because
even if I do go to bed now (my allergies knocked me out badly today… bloody
hay fever) I’ll probably read, or not be able to sleep due to lying there
going “I’m going to get so much sleep!” Either that or I’ll get a phone call
at 3am like I did last night. Some girl asked if Chris was there. “No, I
think you have the wrong number.” “Oh, sorry…. how old are you?” Now
remember, I’m half asleep, so I had to think and came up with 26. Hey! It’s
only a year off! Hmm… wait a minute… I’m not 25 yet. Shit, I was 2 years
off….. Anyway, she goes “oh, a nice age.” I asked if they were partying
(I’m guessing this was a I hate you/I love you call that we all do when we’re
piss drunk at 3am) and they said yes, and they had no one to party with. At
that point I said “that’s nice, I’m going back to sleep now, good night” and
hung up. Too bad, I could have partied it up with some strange drunk people.
Well, ok, maybe I value my sleep (and sanity (sanity????)) more than that.

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It’s sad I’ll never be able to enjoy those types of trees again. || Garfield’s
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