Maybe it’s just the stress or something, but I had another weird dream last
night. Oh, before that, the elation and extasy of not driving turned on me
yesturday when tig‘s starter went on him. Bah.

I had a dream about (indirectly) <bleah> malda. Apparently we (for unknown values of
“we”) were going on a trip or excursion of some sort to the geek compound. On
the way there we had to fly of course, and when going through customs I was
asked if I could take off my coat please (there didn’t seem to be a metal
detector, so people just put their coats through a scanner). I did, as I had
my pilot in it. As the rest of my people went on, I was asked by the american
dude, “sir, do you realize you have a $10,000 bill here?” Turning around he
had a canadian $10 from my jacket pocket pressed up to the glass. Long dream
short, we argued for a while about the fact that the funny design might make
it look like there are extra ‘0’s, but that was indeed only worth $10. Then
he went through my wallet and found the 20 pound sterling bill I had there,
and asked what the hell is this.

I’m not sure if it was socio-political commentary or not, but the dream was
all about this. I did get out of there when a more clued airport dude arrived

I have a feeling where this came from I think… well, the clueless airport
dude anyway. I watched “City of Angels” the tv series last night. I
thought it would be like it’s namesake, the movie and have angels
wandering around a hospital (like the ads indicated). Sadly though it was
just your standard small time hospital that cares about their patients mixed
with some ER like lame soap opera elements. The episode involved an
evaluation by some lame evaluator guy (who mistook gas for a heart attack).
Oh well, maybe they’ll get it right next time.

<shudder> malda….

/me goes to get his brain flossed

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