Well a couple of long days of work going. See, they finally finished
up with the reno for the carpet. The night before last I packed up everything
into boxes for easy moving. Cyranth (across the hall and afflicted with the
same flood problem) said they’d probably do everything. The building manager
thought they’d not do the bedroom. Now one way I have to pack up everything,
the other I can move lots of stuff into the bedroom. I had to take the
former, just in case. No chance am I letting some random mover dude throw my
computers and stuff around!

Anyway, they didn’t do the bedroom. Looks like they used it for storage
though, as they moved around all the stuff in there. Stole my closet door
too. No clue why. Now I didn’t use it that much, well, at all, and it was in
the way a bit, but it provided a very convenient place for me to put my
housecoat in the evenings.

Last night I got the place about 80% back to normal. Bedroom started (still
waiting on a new bed to complete that) and living room mostly done. I
re-arranged things too… moved the desks back a bit, swapped walls with the
bookshelf, and swapped the couch and TV/entertainment center (what I
whistfully call the stack of cd and tape player). It seems like there’s more
room too (even with my bike sitting in the middle of the living room. Hmmm…
the ficus is still outside… maybe I’ll move that behind the couch (it’s a
little angled). Anyway, tonight I get to get that mostly finished up. RSN
I’ll find a matress/boxspring so the journey from minute little bed to
spread-out-and-enjoy-the-room bed will be complete! Muahahahaha.

I even feel like I’ve recovered from missing the trip. Tonight I’ll go to bed
at a decent hour again so that I can get up to do my running in the morning.

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