Notes from elsewhere.

Why is it that whenever I have time better spent doing something other than
working on the computer, I spend working on the computer. I donno, there’s
probably a support group out there for it somewhere.

Last weekend was spent doing stuff. I finally fixed a problem in some of our
code (not my fault, you silly missing “_”!) and then did some linux
installs/setups for some friends of mine. I even was foolish enough to say
something along the lines of “I’ll get it all ready for you”… oh woe is me.
Oh well, it’ll be relatively fun, when I have free time that is 🙂

So without divulging any company secrets,
I’ll tell you what I am doing over the next day or so: I was sent over to
[CENSORED] to help [CENSORED] [CENSORED]. I’m [CENSORED]ing him get some things [CENSORED] for [CENSORED] with my great skills. Well, attempting to anyway 🙂

Hope that helped. Needless to say the [CENSORED] over was
beautiful, but very noisy. Oh, and they only have 1 ply here…. this is made
up for by having the extended cable channels, so I can watch things like:

  • Babylon 5 (I have no idea where in the 4 seasons the episode
    “Dust to Dust” is so it really means nothing to me, except Mr. Sulu is
    making a guest appearence as some sort of psychic supercop, sans
    russian accent (my favorite line so far “Can we wound him, just a
    little?” — Ivanova)). The over-explaining could use some toning
  • People’s court (they still play this? Why can’t they bring back
    the court show with that guy and that girl and the other guy and the
    big bald guy?)
  • Some show with Mr. T. (the length of time needed to see him was
    about all I watched of it)
  • The show that the martial arts master Sammo and has-been Arsinio
    Hall (again, watched only long enough to see what it was)
  • A Hanson music video (channel changed in approximately
  • Jay Leno. His most amusing section was going to a college (UCLA)
    and asking the students (“these are the smartest times of your life!”
    (you can’t say “well, I knew this stuff when I was in school”))
    political questions. This was hilarious. They’ve got some guy who
    claims to be a wide reciever (just proving my “dumb jock” theory) who
    can’t even tell them who the first president was. Hell, even I know
    that, it was Einstien. Some girl who is a communications major who
    even stated “I’m not as dumb as I sound” (erhm… ok), and I pray she
    isn’t as dumb as she sounds, or else she’d need someone else to help
    tie her shoes in the mornings.

I’d like to officially submit my annoyance to TLC for putting “Robot Wars” on
at the ungodly hour of 11pm on Sundays. How the hell am I supposed to get any
sleep to prepare for a monday morning when I’m up till after midnight watching
cool british TV (hosted by Lister of Red Dwarf!). At least they have the
curtesy to put “Junkyard Wars” on at 9pm-11pm on Wednesdays. Sure, I’m still
up till 11, but at least it’s a wednesday, so there’s not much chance of me
getting any worse than I already am.

I’m lying in bed, thinking I should be either going to sleep, starting to read
Enders Game, reading my SSL manual(s) (gotta love 800 pages of light
reading), or producing something more interesting on this laptop of
mine than sitting in a text editor and writing my journal. I should probably
be writing reports, code, or something more resembling of real work.

Remember a couple of weeks ago I wondered out loud who creates us. Who is our
soul the product of. This sort of thing is not a religious question, but more
of a philisophical one. I know that certain bits of my current way of doing
things, saying things, etc, are taken from people from my past, my parents,
relatives, little actions or gestures or ways of saying things that I thought
were funny, interesting, stern, or something, and have slowly integrated them
into what and how I say and do things.

Now in that, are these bits of other people still them, or are they part of
me. What happens when we remove the little motions? Can I wittle myself down
to what is “truly” me? What would I be left with? Perhaps just the little
dreams (well, demented ones judging from what I remember and write down) that
we all have are some sort of insight into the pure and unblemished “you”. Or
maybe it’s when you lie comatose, between sleep and dreams, with nothing going
on in your mind at all. Maybe that’s the real you, because everything else
really belongs to someone else.

That said, it’s 1am, the alarm is set amazingly early, and I have some dreams
to catch up with.