It Compiles and Doesn’t Suck! Ship it!

It’s over.

Finally we have a product that is finished. The deadline for everything being
done was something like 4am tuesday night. I had to pick firefly up from the
airport but I was back virtually till 12:30 or so, and I understand we
finished everything up at 4:07am. Congratulations everyone. People were
still in the office until the next morning dealing with the installer, image
problems in various locations, and building ISOs, but we made the deadline of
burning a bunch of disks by 11am or so.

After it was all done there wasn’t a whole lot of activity around the office.
A lot of people just sort of hung out in The Nest watching Mars Attacks (it was on) and flaking
out on the couches. ScoobyD and Hillyup (and a couple of the techs) left (as
they should have). The rest of the day consisted of quake, surfing aimlessly,
and reading. I couldn’t come home at a decent hour due to going to the FVLUG, but it was nice to know that I was
back in the old routine.