Tux is Smiling at me Funny

Today was un-productive. I got some code done on the encryption stuff for
ulisten, but a lot of time was spent getting in and out of code-mode due to
various interruptions, but self-induced and otherwise. Mailing list crap with
stuff about distro wars, package format wars, and whether person x is right
and everyone is wrong, etc. etc. I get home and figure hey, I can finally get
some fscking work done. Nope. Decide to install win98 back instead of w2k
because it didn’t help me with my crashing problems. Damn thing took longer
to get back to linux (finding a boot disk that would get me back to be able to
access linux after win98 wiped out my mbr (as expected)). Interestingly
enough windows doesn’t even bother to warn you about when it’s going to wipe
your MBR anymore, it just does it quietly. Back in the win98 (95?) days it
popped up a box saying it “had found an alternate MBR, it may be another OS,
we’re going to wipe it out ok?” Not that you had a choice, but at least it
warned you. Oh well, can’t have people having other OSs right?

Got home and while windows was copying and rebooting I rode to get milk for
breakfast. Totally forgot to get cereal of course though. Firefly found that
granola is like the highest amount of fat of any cereal, and in my quest for
better fitness/nutrition it’s gotta go right? Actually I rode to the store
twice, or 1.5 times, not because I forgot cereal, but on the way the first
time I forgot my wallet. Nice little ride though, just enough to get my legs
a little pumped and breathing hard. I’m sure that it’s not doing any
real good for me, but it’s better than sitting on my ass all day.
Wait a minute, it’s just more sitting. Geez…

Eyes are itchy. Allergies? Fsck.

Typing now with eyes closed, waiting for files to finish copying across from
my backup to the new windows partition (well, newly reinstalled windows
partition). Hopefully now my burning program (cdrwin) will work properly,
instead of burning my a shitload of coasters 🙁 Eyes open now. Still itchy
though. <quickly corrects spelling
mistaikes in eyes closed typing>

Not sure if I’m going to work on getting burning back up and going tonight and
while it’s going clean up this sty, or go and work on my 3 item checklist of
unstable stuff that I’m working on.

Note to self: Write about England RSN.