You’ll Never Get Away With This!

Had a decent squash game this morning. Unfortunately we’re not at the stage
where we can actually have a “real” game and have fun. We’re beyond the point
of walking to get the ball every time you hit it, but not quite good enough to
compete. I had a good discussion with Del about Microserfs‘ style of
writing, and I made the determination that reading Tolkien was the exact
opposite of reading Microserfs. Tolkien is like sitting in a slave ship being
beaten by many men with large spiked clubs. Microserfs on the other hand, is
like lying on pillows, and being fed pizza by naked virgins. Neil Stephensen
is somewhere in between the two… I guess like being fed pizza by men with
spiked clubs. Or maybe being beaten by naked virgins or something.

I can tell it’s going to be a long day….