They’re looking for cheese that smells like feet.


According to the doc I went to (on the advice of Engel who went to his doc) I
have bronchitas, or something like that. I have some antibiotics to kill off
any bad side effects, but other than that I just get to sit around resting and
coughing up lovely phlem. At least my legs have stopped hurting from the
very intense squash game we had last week. I didn’t realize how
painful “squash ass” could be… not being able to put on your own socks really

Currently I’m working on some bugs for work, and compiling GARNOME, a nice alpha2 distro
of the GNOME 2 files, which apparently plays
nicely with a current install.

Wow, did I get some intense kitten love this morning… nothing like a little grey fuzzball rubbing herself against
your face and demanding to be petted, loved, and scritched at 8am on a
Saturday. Could be far worse I suppose 🙂

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