“you brought me something / we both know what memories can bring / they bring diamond

Wow, what a busy last little while. First of all I got sick, probably thanks to
SilverStr (you updated your page yet? :), but whoever it was there was some
nastyness going around the office. It turned out to be bronchitas (no, I’m not
going to bother trying to spell this late) for at least a couple of people, and
Engel and Joker ended up with phneumonia infections in their lungs. Not fun.
Lots of sick people. I ended up taking thursday and friday off at the end of
last week in an effort to a) get better and b) feel miserable in a cosy place.
Nothing like going to work and wanting to do nothing but go home for 8 hours 🙁

I’m feeling much better now though! There’s still some yellow gunk coming out
of my lungs, but I no longer feel physically drained and wanting to die. This
is a good thing. Even went to the gym this morning. The run was only 15 min,
but it was good to get back into it. I’d go to squash tomorrow… erhm…
today, but it’s pretty late, and I’ll need my energy for tomorrow.

See, in the midst of everything they decided that we should add more cool new
stuff to our app. This is a good thing, except that it seemed like it was all
landing on me. I finally got the library I needed to write done a few minutes
ago (and it keeps getting non-sucky!), which makes me happy. Looking through
the rest of my code though, there doesn’t look like there’s any need for it,
except for things that aren’t converted by the Java side of things. This is
good, as it’ll let me concentrate on doing what’s needed for the program that I
get to write tomorrow, for Wednesday.

Of course, by the time I get to start writing the program, there’ll be more to
do that’ll need a re-write of the library. Unfortunately I don’t know how to do
that right now, and want to get the meat of the app writen first, and then worry
about the little niggly bits like getting data 🙂

If anyone cares, the library is based on LT XML, who I thank
for their non-suck-ass API and decent documentation.

I have to give SilverStr credit for finding it in the first place
though, as up until then I was trying to use Expat, which while it may be fast, does
things in a matter that I just didn’t grok and it ended up being a very
frustrating exercise.

Now I get to go to sleep and think about how the heck to deal with getting
values of something like “aalert.highports” or “users.user.email where
user=alan”. That’ll be interesting.

Now back to make sure there’s really nothing to do 🙂


Drat! Looks like there’s at least 3 programs that need to suck
information from the library 🙁 Argh, oh well, back too work.


My semi-elation that this wouldn’t totally suck (deadline in 2 days don’t
forget) have pretty much to a crashing halt. The LT XML library does really
stupid things like exit() on an error, instead of being polite enough to just
return an error code. Oh what fun we’re having…