“They say it’s lonely at the top, so I did not go.”

Well, back and safe. The ride-along went well, but I can’t tell you any details
about it due to signing a paper saying I wouldn’t. This was in case anything
happened that was “legal” in nature, statements, etc. However, I will tell you
that nothing happened πŸ™‚ It was a very cool ride, and I got a very good idea
about how it is to be a cop, how training was, and best of all, the interaction
and “family” feel of being on the force.

Great Huge Thanks go out to Cat5, Andy and most of all Jen for their various
contributions, and most of all making sure that my first ever time in a police
car was a pleasent one πŸ™‚

Trippy trippy dream last night. Guess I’ve been thinking about the Spider-man movie a
lot lately.

I was spider-man. While travelling in a raft, I cleaned my ears out with a
q-tip, and an evil bad guy cloned me from my ear wax. So now there were 4
spider-men running around, and we fought crime togeather. On one occasion, we
were all lured to an old warehouse together and trapped. The bad guys came in
and tried to get us. While they were doing something we all started hitting
them with big foam slabs (like you find in the gym for doing stretching on).
Eventually they just got used to being hit in the back of the head with this and
forgot about us, and we just ran away.

Less than a week until it starts!

What else has been going on. Well, I set up a second box for myself. I had to
grab a video card (nvidia geforce2-mx (32mb)) and mouse (ms optical (but the new
box gets my old mouse)), but other than that I cobbled it togeather from other
bits I have sitting around. It’s got a hard drive installed with Linux (the very cool Gentoo distribution) and another with Windows
XP. It’s only a P2-300 (256mb ram) but should be adequate. I’m going to use
this as the windows development box as I have mostly accepted some contract work
doing some windows and linux library development. Now I just need a bigger desk
to fit all this stuff on πŸ™‚ Hmm…. <looks at the new ikea just down the