Exploration, exploration, exploration…

A relaxing, yet productive, couple of days. We arrived late friday evening
after taking a wrong turn…. or rather, not taking a right turn. I figured I’d
read Tig’s instructions when I got to Edmonton itself, as there’d be signs up
until then on how to get there. Well, one of the important things in there, was
to watch out that I stay on the #5 in Kamloops, and not continue on the #1, or
I’d end up in Calgary. Well, around Salmon Arm we looked at the map and went
“oops.” All the travel routs via mapquest
et al took that route anyway. I’ve never gone the Calgary to Edmonton route
before, so it was interesting. I’ll be going back via Jasper though, so I get
to do the curcuit.

Saturday was spent mostly vegging as the sun here is just killer. Firefly,
Tig, K, and I spent most of the time in the shade outside trying not to melt.
That was the vegging part of the day. The other parts where the start (where I
was dragged screaming by K on an hour long run in the blazing sun, repeating under my
breath “I drove to Edmonton and all I got was this coronary.”). Sadly, the
start of the day was my idea, as I asked her to guide me to godliness. Towards
3 or so she took me to the gym where “leg day” ensued, and I learnt stuff, and
showed here that while I have body fat, I’m a muscled god underneath. After
this, more vegging ensued. Following that the end part of the day. We went
to someone’s house and drank “Absinthe”, as in “absinthe makes the heart grow
fonder (in a drunken stupor)”. 55% alcohol and pretty
brutal stuff, I was buzzed after a couple of glasses (no more than a finger over
ice by the way). It tasted like licorice. The plan after that was to leave the
womenfolk so they could go dancing at a lesbian bar. After we found that the
bar (the roost) was a gay and lesbian bar, so the guys got to come along, and I
got to have my first gay (bar) experience.

It was pretty much the same as 99% of the clubs I’ve
been too (not many, but more than 1). Overly loud music, lots of women dancing
together on the dance floor, and that one weird guy dancing by himself with a
jug of beer in the corner. No one got hit on, picked up, attacked, bashed,
pinched, poked, slapped, groped, or invited to have kinky sex in the bathroom or
behind a park bench. After all that organized religion has taught me, I find it’s
untrue! In a way I was really disappointed, thinking that it’d be a nice little
ego boost to get hit on just a little bit. sigh
Probably for the best though, I don’t want to be a heartbreaker (though that
doesn’t seem to be a problem…. 🙂

Before I got and tell about the exciting saturday of more vegging, I’ll explain
that the idea to go to the gay bar was that of a friend of Tig and K’s, who is
going through an ugly divorce right now, and was wanting to just get out and
dance, and the roost is apparently known as “the last place left to go dancing
in Edmonton.” No meat market, which is cool.

Hangovers for some ensued, and apparently after a leg day one doesn’t work out,
so we vegged, got K to the airport for a wedding she has to go to, and did some
touristy stuff. Firefly met up with her friend and I came back to Tigs, where
we remain, hanging and watching a flick.

By the way, I’ve becoming obsessed with finding a cool digital camera. I’m
looking for 3 megapixels+, with at least a bit of optical zoom. I’ve wanted one
for a bit, simply for the ease of transfer to the computer, and the hassle of
printing pictures. After I found out that you can get digital pictures printed
out on photographic paper (for the cost of a reprint about, $0.50-$0.88 in the
two places I asked), it has solved the dilema of “I want to have the joy of
digital, but I also want to get real pictures so that I can have coffee table
photo albums.” Until now I thought that the only way you got a “real” picture
from a digital camera was to print it out on an inkjet printer and really
expensive paper (shut up, I just didn’t know!). So if you’re wondering what to
get me for the arcterbirthday, now you know… but I’ll list the model when I
find “the right one” (or buy it with money I don’t have, and sell my friends bodies
on the street to pay for rent and food). It’s a hard look, as I’m using epinions, dp-review and futureshop.ca to try to get an idea of a
good camera, with a decent feature-set, that doesn’t suck, and won’t take me
more than 98% of the way to the poor house. Don’t worry though, there’s enough
information out there to keep me busy for a looooong time looking.

Speaking of money, thanks to all who gave me resume advice. My new one (not yet
posted, see bitch an entry or two ago about word XP) got me an email for an
interview only hours after it was sent in. I replied saying that I was leaving
for the weekend, and couldn’t make the friday appointment, but they never
replied (yet). I do have some contract work coming up it sounds like from
Yohimbe, who needs a minion to redo some of the backend of the userfriendly site.

Gads it’s hot here. Guess they have to make up for the 7 months of winter
though (last snowfall in May!!!!!!!).