Ick, rain.

More randomness followup and misc shtuff. Brad threw me a link to https://www.addresschange.gov.bc.ca,
where you can change your address online and not have to wait for the DMV
lineups…. whohoo! Works fine as well. I have no clue if everyone
knows it but me, or if Brad had to go search it out for me, but now I know (and
so do you).

Secondly I’ve been (kinda) published. Per Einar Ellefsen was kind enough to
throw up a little ditty I wrote when I had some problems
with some cookies and mod_perl stuff. Anyway he threw it up here
with other quick and dirty examples and cookbook type stuff.

Dreams that I remember…

I was hanging out with someone’s sister, and we were captured/taken hostage by a
gang who worshipped some strange song. Anyway, they were trying to follow the
lyrics of the song to the letter, and do things like “hang handcuffs off the top
of a tall pole” and wierd stuff like that. So we are at a lakeshore type place,
with cabins around us, and they are all commando-like. We tromp through the
bush and find a oil pipeline, which is about to burst. So me and whoever head
for the hills, and the pipeline explodes. I think I waited too long before
putting this one on paper….

And the other is from last night, as I forget the other one I wanted to write

I was in edmonton, on a work trip of some sort. We parked in the underground
parking of an old pub, and hung out there. At sometime we had someone come by
(a political refugee?) that we had to hide from the boss. Something something
something, no idea why or what next.

We needed to go somewhere, and I got to take someone with me, so we headed into
the underground parking to get my car, and I couldn’t find it. There were maybe
two levels and it just wasn’t there! We took a couple of alternate routes and
still nothing in the maze of concrete tunnels. Another blur and we had the car,
but we were still looking for the car, or maybe dinner, (but we had a
bowl of spaghetti and some shell pasta on top of it). We were driving around
trying to find whatever we could find and some of the streets were just nuts,
like something out of roller coaster tycoon. I drove up an insanely steep ramp
and stopped at the top (high high above the ground) where the top level was a
maze of twisting and turning tracks for the tires to go on, but I couldn’t
follow them well enough with my eyes to see where to drive. I just sat there
for several minutes trying to trace where I needed to go. I think I eventually
realized that after the first few twists and turns it turned into a solid metal
top, but it was buffed in a circular motion that made it look like there were
circles. At least that is the case on the latter one, I think before that there
was another roller-coaster type road that I had to follow the curves at the top.
A very scary drive.