Lets Go Bowling Results

Well, bowling was a great time. We grabbed our shoes, and grabbed our balls, and went on down to the bowling lane. Lets just say that geeks really shouldn’t dance or bowl 🙂 It was great fun though, I broke 200 on the last game, but I’m pretty sure no one there broke any records. We did come to the conclusion that bowling is even less of a sport than golf, if only that you don’t have any chance of getting wet (but you don’t get to drive little carts).

Shaggy and Spenz (with artistic help) provided shirts for the IT team, named “Geeks and Freaks”, and gave me the name of “Da-Coder”. Very cool shirt. Pizza and pop was there in force. We had three bowls (innings? periods?) and then retired downstairs for a beer and to watch the Vancouver Canucks tie it two all with Minnesota.

In honor of this, I submit to you this MP3 by the Arrogant Worms, entitled Lets go Bowling.

2 Comments on “Lets Go Bowling Results”

  1. I played a couple of games of 10-pin on Saterday night, here in the Netherlands. Definetly a different experience. In Canada (well, BC anyways) you’ll never see people freely smoking, eating, and drinking beer on the bowling floor. Well you might, but the cops are bound to show up asap (trust me).
    Being able to have a cool one in the theatre is great, but not the big clouds of blue smoke 🙁

  2. quote;
    “…and grabbed our balls…”
    THIS is the problem of working in a male dominated business too long. But on the bright side, at least you grabbed your OWN balls.