Shuttle Disaster, weekend work and Lighter Stuff

When I saw the first reports of the Shuttle Disaster on the web this morning I was sure that it was a mistake, and they were talking about the anniversary of the Discovery disaster 17ish years ago, and they got the date wrong, or I did, but no. I’m sure you can find all the links you want all over, I’d rather not dwell on it, as it is very sad.

Spent the day with my nose to the grindstone. For the ASP project we’ve had to go through the entire site (some 2,500 documents) and make changes to all of them with various touch ups, changes, and new and better ways of doing things. Of course with a unix system tools like grep, sed and perl would be our friends, but apparently with IIS and frontpage you have to edit it all… by… hand. As John (another programmer) pointed out, we’re being paid by the hour so….

Luckily it was not twelve hours of hard work, but twelve hours of opening a page, search for a couple of items, check for a couple of things, paste some code in, paste some more code in, close the file, go on to the next file, repeat. Mind numbing work in a way, but on a weekend, you can’t expect me to think do you?

On a lighter note, I found some pictures of me that were taken the day I got my lovely Firefly to shave my just shaved head with a razor, going down to the skin. The shaving didn’t turn out that good, as you have basically a head with velcro on it, which means you give bad beard burn to whoever you rub your scalp against, and things like pillows stick to your head.

Anyway, go have a look.

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