It Must Be Monday Morning

I went to bed last night thinking how well the weekend had gone. I got my ding fixed, I got my hard drive working again, I got some good code written on the bug tracking system I’m writing for the ASP project, I was getting to bed before midnight (barely)…. what a great weekend!

This morning my alarm rang at 6:51 as normal, hit snooze. Alarm goes off again, hit snooze. A bit later I thought to myself “I’m pretty awake, I won’t even need the alarm to go off again, I’ll just get up now!” Look at the alarm clock and it’s jumped from just after 7am to 8:11am. Do some quick math in my head…. “lets see, have to be at work at 8:30, takes 20-30 minutes to get to work, hmm… have to get dressed, brush teeth, shave, hmm…. have to leave….. Right Now!!“. To my credit, I arrived at work about 25 minutes later, at 8:34. Not bad if you ask me, and I didn’t even speed “very” badly coming down the freeway.

Yup, it’s Monday all right.

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