The last couple of days at work were quite frustrating. Release time is getting close and things are slooooow….. The archived data was finally imported today, and an increase in records in the details table went from about 11,000 (max) to 227,000 slowed things down, and our main edit/view/do everything page keeps getting more complex, slowing things down even more. Even moving code back to straight DBI from DBIx::Recordset didn’t help.

So this afternoon we printed out the code and spent the better part of four hours (outside of Jim answering his email, which alerted us to new messages by loudly proclaiming “Harry, I want you to sell me a condom. In fact, I think I’ll have a French tickler… for I am a Protestant!” (from The Meaning of Life, more soundbytes here)) refactoring the process, combining code, eliminating bottlenecks, etc. It was very good. I left after that with no code written, just some flow charts. Tomorrow I get to start in on it.

Sometimes I feel like I do some refactoring with my life. It seems I go to work, come home, have dinner, work or watch the tube, go to bed, and repeat. The weekends are pretty much the same, except I work at home all day or watch more TV (or do more personal surfing/tinkering). Occasionally go out with friends, never go out dancing or to the bar (not that not doing the latter is a great loss, my pants still smell like smoke from the last one I went to).

I am trying to change this. Hanging out tomorrow night, and through some of the work I’m doing with the High School Reunion stuff I’ve hooked up with an old one of “The Gang” (or at least got in contact) and will probably go out for a drink with Ben (met at the mini-meeting), so my social circle may expand a bit more. I miss the old gang from work though. I miss my friends who have left on their own pursuits, be they right in the building or right up the road to hang with, or do something with. Not that I don’t have good friends still here, my point is that I miss my old friends.

Maybe it’s time to do sometime. No idea what though.