Reunion Meeting and Weekend Wrapup

On Sunday me and Firefly went to meet up with some people from high school to do some reunion planning. As I mentioned, I was a bit nervous. No need it seems. We headed out around 1:30 and laughed our asses off to some Billy Connolly stand up comedy. As usual, I mis-interpreted where we were going and overshot, so we backtracked a bit and arrived a fashionable 5 minutes late. No worries, there was only Leeanne (the initiator of all this) and one other person. No one besides the four of us showed up. Anyway, we walked up the steep and partially snow covered steps to the cool-ass A-frame house and were greeted at the door. The other guest I didn’t recognize at first, but after he said his name, I knew him right away. Ben hung out with a couple of people who weren’t my biggest fans, but was kinda-ok (I think). He’s now married, buying a house, and seems like a damn decent guy. Hopefully all the rest of the people I re-meet will be like that.

We chatted for a bit, caught up, and had some lunch. Afterwards, Ben ran off to try to get an offer in to buy a house or something, and the three remaining folks realized that the best way to undertake one of the bigger tasks, hunting down people, is most easily done through the old fashioned technology of the phone book, not more modern means. We actually got a fairly good percentage of hits as well, if not the person themselves, their parents, brother, sister-in-law, or some other random person that knew them or how to get a hold of them. After an hour or so of this we decided to quit for the day.

We parted ways, and me and firefly headed to the G M Indian Restaurant for an awsome (as usual dinner) and then eventually met up with Yohimbe and Webdiva and listened to some live music down at the Billy Miner. Yohimbe eventually got on stage and belted out some awsome tunes, including “All along the watchtower” and his own original whose name I forget.

Funniest part of the evening:

Yohimbe: We’re going to do a ZZ-Top tune as soon as we figure out how it goes.

Webdiva: How it goes? It’s ZZ-Top for gods sake!

Well, it was funny then anyway. I read some geek porn (a london drugs flyer) and ooh’d and aaahhh’d over laptop prices. Got home late, midnightish. Good thing that SS and me didn’t go to squash this morning, cause I would have been a wreck.