Squash and Stomach Ache

Well, last night after work I finally got to go play some squash with SilverStr. Jimtheonefromwork came along as well. Had a great few games that no doubt will leave me with “squash butt” and sore legs in the next day or so. At one point we were playing three people in the court andbecause of the way that you go around the second person has to be nice to the third, and the third person is the one who actually tries to get the point (on the first). This was very confusing to my tired brain and I had to keep on being reminded if I was “Nice Al” or “Mean Al” this rally. It was a lot of fun though and certainly got the blood pumping. I’m going to see if I can start doing this in the mornings or after work as an alternative/augmentation to running, cause I left there feeling like I had a really good workout.

When I did leave it was to head to the SEP midway training, which was run by, of all people, Steve H, the ex-marketting/sales guy from Merilus. He did a great job talking about (go figure) sales and marketting and it was nice to catch up with him a bit after.

After that I came home to help cosole Firefly, who has been hit by a sore throat and sinus infection-but-not-quite. I was like the hunter returning home with a kill, but this one was in the form of throat drops and neo-citron.

This morning I woke up (about five minutes to six am) with a sore stomach. I thought it was almost 7, not almost 6, and got up, thinking that I may as well not wait for my alarm to go off. When I did realize it was an hour earlier than I thought I figured what the hell, I’m not going to be able to go back to sleep (I lay down and tried) and got up. This way I will get a lot of extra time to do my morning surfing (which normally makes me forget about the time), get my online comic run and news run done (are we at war yet? nope) with lots of time to spare to make myself eggs and get a full lunch going.

I am at least comforted by the fact that the stomach ache only affects me while lying down, sitting or standing makes it go away. I’m sure it’ll get better. I just hope I don’t have what Firefly has, as the noises she was making last night did not sound pleasent 🙁