A Better Day and Pictures

As promised, yesterday was a much better day. Me and JimFromWork did some awsome pair programming that resulted in some rather major design flaws being fixed (or rather, worked around), the laundry got done, the aformentioned bug got fixed (a permission issue on the upload directory), and much other goodness.

Also watched K-PAX as well. I’ve had a download of this for a while, but never got around to watching it, and I got a cheap DVD of it a couple of days ago. Not a bad movie, keeps you mostly guessing till the end, and Kevin Spacey is, as usual, great.

Today is a busy day. Movie with the boys, drop a CD off at my folks, pre-race meet up for the sunrun, then crashing on someone’s couch so I don’t have to drive too far tomorrow morning when I am foolish and attempt to run, walk or stagger for 10 km.

I was playing around a bit last night with Adobe Elements. It’s basically a image editing program aimed at photographs. One of the neatest features I found was photomerge, a way to stitch together panoramas. I took a series of pix I took for Iambe and Engel to show them what we’d done with their old computer room:

And used the tool. It didn’t “automatically” stitch things together, which was a bit dissapointing, but the interface they provided to move thumbnails of the images around, doing cool merging where they touched, making them translucent so that you could move them to the right spot easily. The result was kinda cool.

Then I found the “perspective correction” button, which was very cool. Below are the results (click for a 1024×536 version).


Pretty cool huh? A 69K JPG version is also there.

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  1. I downloaded & watched kpax when in my hotel in NL. I liked it too, although it got a lot of poor reviews on IMDB.
    The perspective stitching is nifty… Canon has “Photo Stitch” or something like that which is also pretty good. Apparently some of their cameras also have capabilities built in to help with aligning the 2nd, … nth pics with the previously shot one.