Early Morning Running

I mentioned last night that I was going to run in the morning as the sunrun is coming up and I did. 6:30 the alarm goes off and I staggered out of bed and got dressed and headed out. The weather couldn’t have been worse. I didn’t think to bring a hat or jacket (hey, the last couple of mornings have been awsome) but at least I didn’t wear a tank top, not that the T-shirt helped much. There was just enough rain to drench me, and it was cold enough to freeze me (but only my left side for some reason). After I got the positioning of my walkman sorted out (so it didn’t jump out of my waistband it was ok. I did the circuit of the blonk easily (except for being frozen into a little icecube), and was very dissapointed to see it only took about 20-25 minutes…. I was hoping it’d be more like 30-45. In the end though I had a shower that was even more appreciated that a shower is most mornings, and got to gobble down some awsome scrambled eggs for my protein fix.

This is the first run I’ve been on in a couple of weeks, and it’s cardio, so it’s good. Just gotta keep it up though. I thought the sunrun was on the 20-something, but apparently it’s the 13th…. eeek! Better email illiad and see if I can crash on his couch the night before to avoid the hellish traffic. Hope the weather is good as well.

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