Starting to Hate Things Again

I can’t wait until I don’t have to do all of this anymore. I have had an incrediably frustrating night, and it’s only the last couple of hours. First a nice relaxing time watching TV, then watched the Canucks get their asses kicked. Great. Then realize I promised to send some stuff off to the SEP people. Talk to Silv about stuff for a bit. Remember I had to get my milage figures ready for the accountant. Spend time futzing around with a calculator, cause by then my brain was fried. Realize that I had promised to look at a bug in some code I’d written. Server down, great, that sucks. Try it here on my local system, worked fine, with a minor bug, but not the server error they took a huge screenshot of and emailed to me. Fix minor bug, ready fix for when the server is up. Realize they want me to come and pick up a server to get some code off it. This weekend as well, which is coincidently the time that I will be in and around Vancouver for the sunrun, so I email off to see if we can arrange something. Remember I have promised to go to a movie on Sat with the guys, check that time, figure that if we do the 12:50 show I can make it into Vancouver to meet up with the designer dudes (to get the server, discuss work, etc), then make it to the pre-sunrun party at MLs… or not. Deal with stupid fscking pop up ads on the mybc site. Why the hell do they exist, gads. Swear at mozilla for not blocking them properly. Swear at mybc for changing their bookmarks, so my bookmark for checking the movie times now goes to their main page. Drink water. Wonder if I’ll have the energy to get up to do a run tomorrow morning. Mutter more. Go to bed.

Survivor update over at one girls life.