The new boss invited me out to play soccer with him and some folks who get together just down the road from here, and like a fool, I accepted. Heck, even rode my bike down there. It was a lot of fun, but I know I’m going to hurt tomorrow.


My cousin is going to laugh at me, but it was still fun. I did discover that running on the treadmill does nothing for the short (and constant) bursts of speed that is soccer. I was there mostly for the running and exercise, which is good, because my skill with a soccer ball hasn’t changed since the last time I played, which was maybe sometime in highschool. I did get the ball once or twice and only made a moderate fool of myself (passing to the other team, but I did manage not to score on my own net), and got to head it a couple of times (lots of fun). I managed to almost take one guy’s shins out (it was a poke check, I swear!) accidently. There was some confusion because there was another Alan there, and an Al(bert) as well. Luckily this didn’t cause too many problems because like I said, the ball didn’t come my way that often.

I’ll probably go next time as well, assuming the mosquitoes aren’t that bad (more reason to run around). I can feel my calves already though, so I can only guess what it’ll be like in 6 and a half hours when I wake up.

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