It Must be Monday

Took my parents out to Indian food last night as a combination Fathers day/mom’s birthday celebration. Mmm…. indian food. Yummy.

I was up late last night compiling the latest Linux development kernel (2.5.71-mm) in an attempt to figure out / stop the crashes I’ve been having under high disk I/O or network use, which has gone a long way to piss me off lately, especially as it works fine under windows, so I can’t blame the hardware. After much fighting I realized two things. You have to compile VGA support or you don’t get anything on the screen, and if you have RAID you have to compile in RAID support, or you get a kernel panic that it can’t mount /dev/md0. When I finally figured this out I was a bit happier, though it was still almost midnight.

The first thing (VGA support) was a bit of a pisser because it looked like the kernel jus wasn’t booting, as it just said “uncompressing kernel” and then nothing. Combine this with the lack of RAID even the numlock wasn’t working (because of the kernel panic), making it look more and more like a hard crash.

Finally got that set up and went to bed, then lay there and sniffed until 1:30am or so.

Woke up this morning at 7:45, about 0 minutes before I normally leave for work. The alarm did go off, and was set properly for 6:50am, but somehow I slept through it. May be time to re-introduce the “second alarm clock across the room” policy.

Got to work, forgot a box of kleenex for my sniffing. I was going to bring them to replace the box I finished on the desk behind me, though I don’t think I used enough to constitute a full replacement, but whatever. Then my nose blowing and sniffing resulted in a bloody nose. Oh yay. At least I have soccer tonight to look forward to. Oh, that was ironic by the way. I like running around, but too much results in a “feels good to stop” type feeling.