Round Up

Feeling a bit run down today, not sure why. Went out last night to an investor seminar with Cat5. It was interesting, but I honestly don’t know enough about this stuff to do more than absorb the top layer of it. It was free food though, so I can’t complain. The first part screamed “MST3k me!”, but I was good and resisted. In the end it really boiled down to a lot of common sense (“buy low, sell high”).

I worked on some stuff for the ASP project last night and got 6-7 hours of sleep, but I’m just not with it yet today. Tonight my financial councilor is coming over and we’re going to talk a bit about account reconcilliation. Wee…. At the exit training a bit ago they talked about reconciling your bank statements and when some people (including me) said that we didn’t we were met with gasps. Of course, no one had ever said “hey, you reconcile your bank balance?” so I never thought about it.

Congrats to muckhead on his acceptance into the SEP, I hope his company does well. Of course, the SEP doesn’t let people through who they don’t think have a chance, so I’ve got faith.

It’s almost friday again.

It’s not friday yet.

I guess thursday isn’t all that bad. Leaving a bit early today to meet financial counciler guy means that the day today is a bit shorter, and tomorrow it’s mentally the last day.

Saturday there is a wedding in Stanley Park to go to, and based on today, the weather should be great. Looking forward to taking the cameras out to get some more shots of the sights in.

Been reading through the web comic pvponline lately, slowly going through the archives. That’s funny stuff.

Why does the office have to be so cold? It’s like the opposite of home, where it’s too hot. Even on the hottest day the office is bloody freezing, and my hands can hardly type its so cold. Of course, I feel like an ass leaving home with a sweater on a day when it’s approaching 30. At least at home I know that the temp is going to be consistantly 10 over the outside temperature, and I can strip down as much as I want to to get cooler.

Maybe I’ll go outside and warm up a bit.

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