Slow Morning

Normally I rate how the morning is going by how fast I can bound up the stairs to the break room for hot chocolate or a glass of water. This morning was one of the “walk really slowly and think about taking a break halfway up” mornings.

Had a relatively lazy weekened. Saturday some friends got married so we trundled off to stanley park. The day started badly. Iambe was late due to being stuck at the gas station and then having cell phone card problems, so our plans for a nice relaxing breakfast looked like they were going to be a more hurried breakfast out. Then as we drove down the hill in her car we heard a strange tinkling noise. We stopped and determined it was due to the muffler hanging by a thread. That didn’t last long though because as we drove up the hill to see if we could get it fixed it fell off all together! We got a new one put on quickly (being on your way to a wedding is a great way to get people to hop quickly for you), and headed in.

Now while we were waiting for the muffler to be put on I wandered outside a couple of times, because after being stuck in the office day after day after day being able to stand and walk around in the Big Blue Room with sunshine on my slightly peeling and bald head, was great. In fact, the sun was bright enough that I was told to be careful or I’d burn (bah! I say to that). Anyway, by the time we hit surrey it was cloudy, coquitlum it was overcast and by the time we hit downtown it was distinctly grey. In our travels around Stanley Park things went distinctly wet.

By the time we’d found a parking spot it was pouring down, but Iambe had an umbrella (actually the kind used for picnic tables) which was large enough to fit her and firefly and me comfortably, though I’m sure we looked like fools. We eventually found the wedding, though to late for the ceremony. There was lots of food and a bunch of people I don’t see that often, burgers were cooked and all sorts of other helpful but unappreciated folks made it a dandy time. Here is the bride and groom, the bridesmaids and the groom and best man. Sucky weather yes, but oh well, still a good wedding, and congrats to MapleLeaf and Robert!

This was followed by the start/middle of Buffy season 2, then sunday was the end of Buffy season 2.

Overall a good, but unproductive weekend. I still need to do paperwork for my company, upgrade a computer, do some research for a project I’m working on, and of course, do some more of that work thing that brings in the money. I still haven’t called the gov’t about this tax credit thing, nor dealt with getting some money out of it’s 0.0000000001% interest account and into either paying off my car or a short term, but higher interest RRSP/GIC/something.

But I think I’ll do lunch now, and read some more of my photography book. I’m totally jiving on this picture stuff. It’s got both highly technical aspects (light, film, apateur, exposure time, filters and all that) and the artistic side (“what story are you trying to tell?”) which is a nice mix. I’m going to have to give the school a call and find out about their courses to try to help me improve on both the artistic and technical sides of things.