When You Leave Wild Dough Unchecked

Last night A made some lovely pizza for dinner, and had extra dough. By “extra” I mean “enough to make enough pizza to feed us for the rest of the year”, which is fine by me, because normally bread, buns and the like are produced.

Last night she put the dough into the fridge and it grew, and grew. This morning when I came out to make my lunch the damn thing almost attacked me! I caught it trying to eat the lemon juice from the door of the fridge. Overnight it had grown even more and was resembling something from a movie.

It scares me.

6 Comments on “When You Leave Wild Dough Unchecked”

  1. Congrats on the new A70, btw. 🙂
    I expect you to go climbing this weekend, and take many pictures.

  2. Nope, this weekend is my 10 year reunion, with a weekend of happy happy joy joy fun. Hope I’ll get time to hit the big party at the plaza of nations, but who knows.

  3. As someone who’s made pizza dough from scratch many a time, whoever made that dough used WAY too much yeast. 😉