Feeling So Old

Oych. Got an invite to go hiking from Brad today and accepted, least I spent another day on the couch at home (which would be just terrible right?). For some reason I have been thinking lately that I’ve been getting in shape.

Boy was I wrong.

We went for about a three hour hike up and down Sumas Mountain which was pretty cool. I got a bunch of pictures including about half a roll of a deer we (Brad) saw and stalked until it decided it was tired of toying with us and did a very good vanishing act.

I was wearing new(ish) shoes bought a month or so back when we were going to go climbing and I realized that I had two pairs of shoes that were good for the great outdoors and one pair had their soles only attached at the heel and the other had it’s soles attached firmly, but they were worn smooth. So the new shoes hurt my feet some, but only on the way down. On the way up it was mostly just my legs screaming at me.

Other than the deer there were lots of birds, bugs, and a lone rabbit scampering out of our way. We managed to discuss life, the universe, and pretty much everything, which was good as usual. Next time I must remember to write things down.

We came down a lot faster than we went up, but only because we came back to the road a couple of kilometers above the car.

A great time was had, even if I have spent all night since stumbling around like a little old man. Wonder how I’ll be for playing squash with Silverstr tomorrow.

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