Heading Out

Heading out to another SCA event on the Island for the weekend, getting up in approximately 5 hours (ugh) and should be back sometime Sunday afternoon or evening, hopefully sporting not only the completed unfinished recap from last weekends event, but new pix and whatnot from this weekends fun and drunkeness more fun.

I’ll try to leave you with something to look at in the absense of anything to read. How about some loverly pictures of the sunset I caught from just down the hill. Wow, what a great one. I also got my pictures back from developing and while some are good and some aren’t, here those are. They feature a couple from the haney fair, and a bunch from me and Brad’s hike, Brad, and the deer that allowed us to stalk her before getting bored and leaving us wondering where the heck she’d gotten to. Oh, and a tomato

See ya’ll later.

Oh, anyone want to wager a guess as to what this is? šŸ™‚