It Suddenly Feels like 1995 Again

A historic day. Today is the first day in many years (either 7 or 2-3, I don’t remember if I did this at my last job) when a Dilbert cartoon was pinned up to my wall. The cartoon in question I can’t find online, but is as follows:

Scene: Diltert sitting at his desk looking at his monitor.

Panel 1 Caption: “A Bad Day.” Dilbert saying: “Maybe it’s time to look for a new job online.”

Panel 2 Caption: “A worse Day.” Dilbert saying: “Hey, that’s my job they’re trying to fill.”

Panel 3 Caption: “A much worse day.” Dilbert saying: “And I’m unqualified.”

The cartoon in question has actually been sitting on my desk for the last couple of months, put there by TheGuyWithTheSameNameAsMyBossButIsntMyBoss. I can’t say if it’s me making a concious effort to say I’m Dilbert-Like or just cleaning up my desk a bit.

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