Mail Statistics

Ok, after three days of not checking my mail I found the following mail in my inbox (ie: not filtered):

  • 7 spam
  • 4 messages telling me people have posted on my how to kill msn messanger article on ufies. Sadly it’s turned into a big long thread where stupid morons ask for hotmail address passwords.
  • 8 messages telling me people have posted on other articles.
  • 7 daily reports and cron messages.
  • 7 mailer bounces or away messages bouned to the mail admin (that’d be me).
  • 2 Big Brother messages about services that blipped off and back on for some reason.
  • 6 messages from the Bugtraq mailing list that are slipping through because I haven’t bothered to set up the procmail to filter by list id instead of from address yet.
  • 1 Apple Developer Connection newsletter that I never read anyway.
  • 1 announcement from postfix that isn’t filtered yet.
  • 4 actual new email messages.

So 4 out of 47 emails are relevant or I care about to actually read. I’m batting 0.085 right now. Sadly that’s only my inbox, I’m quite sure there’s about 80,000 mailing list messages as well.

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