The Warren War, 2003

This weekend was, for me and my normal schedule, busy, socially at least. Saturday Firefly, Cat5 and myself headed down to across the border to Ferndale. The border was pretty busy, and we still had a bit of a wait even with sneaking down to 0 Ave and cheating.

We arrived a bit later than intended, but things weren’t started yet anyway, so no big deal. Once we paid the (high I thought) cost of entrance ($13 USD) we changed into garb and headed in. Our first stop was to stop and chat with Ross, the weapons dealer. He has a wide variety of very cool weapons which range from “period” to Klingon. Pretty much every male who has seen his shop has stopped and looked, and wished he had the huge amounts of money required to own several (or all) of the cool blades there. There were other merchants there of course.

After that we stopped at the other attraction that was different that the Canadian events. The horses! Basically the event was to get on your horse and go down a route and hit heads off of posts. I didn’t watch a whole lot of it, but when I stopped by Firefly was sitting there with a 9 year old girl and a 40 or 50 year old guy in cowboy get up mocking critiquing the riders for their organization (or lack of it) and skill (or lack of it).

We watched the battle and the rapier fighting, both were cool, both were neat. They even had a replica Viking longship on the field (on the back of a flatbed). There were also the usual array of archers and heavy fighters.

Cat5 got himself a funky new hat and I didn’t get anything, yet all sorts of money left my wallet. Funny how that happens huh?

Mental note: next time leave all cash at home.

When we had seen enough we boogied on out and found food at Bob’s Burgers & Brew which actually served quite nice meals. They certainly don’t skimp on the fries. Or the sandwhich. Our waitress was funny, as I was ordering she saw a bobble on my keychain and said “Oh my god, you have a Viper! Where is it? What are you doing here?” I got very amused and explained that that was just the name of the car alarm I have. “Darn,” she said, “I was just going to talk with you some more,” (or something like that). I was sorry to disappoint her and the huge tip she was no doubt hoping for.