Bad Stomach

Ugh, I feel like I’m gonna hurl. As Ron White of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour says, “when I say I’m gonna yak I’m not talking about the animal” (or something like that). Not sure what it is, but since last night my stomach has felt horrible, not quite at nausea, but really close to it. I didn’t eat “well” yesterday, but I didn’t have anything completely unusual. Only thing I can think of is that my stomach doesn’t like the small amount of Carolyn’s licqueur I had (to try for the first time) when I got home from watching Gladiator at Cat5’s last night. Still, I don’t think it was enough to make me feel like crap that evening (what was left of it from 11pm to midnight) over night (but not enough to keep me up all night luckily) and today. Maybe a stomach bug picked up along the way? I hope it goes away soon though. This combined with the BS having to find a new provider for the hosting is not helping my mental state.

Apparently we’re down to two places so far. Data-fortress which is $300/month for T1 speeds (120k/s up and 120k/s down) and no bandwidth issues. Fred just found it that it’s $300 plus a $99/month setup fee (sort of defeating the point of a “set up” fee isn’t it?). I have to still confirm that with him though. That place would be nice because of no worries about bandwidth and we wouldn’t have to worry about setting up the box much, just plug it in and go.

The other place is which is where userfriendly went. They are in texas and the hardware is managed, so no worries about that, and you get gobs of bandwidth ($250USD/month for 700G) but it’s also a completely new box, which means that all the user accounts, user data, mail setup, web pages, virtual accounts, etc have to be not only reset with the main DNS records, but also re-set up again. This might be a good thing to do some pruning, but it’s still a huge PITA for me. If it’s not $300+99 for data-fortress I’d almost rather go with them simply for the lack of pain on my side of things, but if the cost suddenly jumps up that $99…. fuck ’em, I’ll go with less cost and more PITA I guess.

Still have to call Ken/Tom at Paralynx and ask them if they can give us a bit more time or maybe somehow keep us on there, maybe if we reduce our bandwidth or something.

Still feel like crap. If this keeps up much longer I’m going home to lie in bed with a bucket.

Update: Only a one time $99 fee, which is less than the $300 setup fee we were originally quoted. I think the fee is waived if we commit for a year as well.