Feeling Better Now…. Mostly

Went home yesterday around 11 or so and spent some time on the couch, then in bed sleeping for several hours, when I wasn’t heading to the bathroom feeling like I was about to puke, but not managing too (and believe me I tried). I woke up around 4:30 or so in bed, bathed in sweat (though that was probably because I was wearing sweatpants, a shirt, and was under the covers with the late afternoon sun shining in on me) feeling maginally better. Enough to get up and do some mucking about on the computer, then back to idly watch TV, though horizontally on the couch. Firefly came home around 6 and took care of me, and I eat some food for the first time since breakfast (though not much). In the evening I started getting a birthday present ready for dad (more details on that soon).

Went to bed and got another bunch of sleep (glad I wasn’t up half the night due to sleeping all day), and woke up this morning feeling 100x better. Every once and a while my stomach lurches to the side (or so it feels like), but it’s nowhere near as bad as yesterday. Hopefully by tonight it’ll be all gone away.

Also, things seem to be progressing with the new hosting arrangements thanks to Fred and his hard work, so that’s not as stressful anymore.