Weekend Wrapup

This weekend wasn’t all that bad. Saturday I was stolen away by Iambe and we hit Chapters in Langely where I picked up two National Geographic photography books, How to be a Canadian and Shadow of the Hegemon. Gads books add up fast. Course, the thing I went there looking for, a book on Python was nowhere to be found, not a book anyway.

In looking for lunch we called up Kelora and WhiteNight and found them at a LAN party over at MapleLeaf’s place. Enticed by, well, the LAN party (oh yea, and good friends as well) we wandered up and found a bunch of people with a LAN, but not much of a party. Some were playing GTA3 Vice City, one the aformentioned Flight Simulator 2004, and others were doing what most people do at LAN parties… sitting around and socializing.

After a bit of this we all packed up and ended up at “Mess Hall” all you can eat Korean BBQ and Japanese Sushi joint. Very good food… expensive, but delicious. Not having eaten since breakfast was good in this situation.

Sunday started with Brunch with Yohimbe and webdiva and Iambe (Firefly sadly had to go and deal with trying to get her horses moved around and that superceded brunch). Delicious as usual. At their place after we saw a couple of the special features in The Two Towers and we all agreed that Peter Jackson is a bastard. He’s a bastard because for one thing the extended edition of The Two Towers isn’t here now and secondly Return of the King isn’t here now. They both look deliciously good though.

Yohimbe pawned off a couple of rack mount cases on me as well, one with some hardware still in it which was cool. No idea what I’m going to do with them though, as I have no rack, no place to put them, and dwindling storage area. I can’t pass up good hardware though. I am going to start purging my old hardware soon. Anything pre-pentium 2 is up for grabs to friends or strangers (it’ll go on the give away table in the laundry room). I still find it hard to throw away perfectly working hardware, even if it is ten years old.

Sunday night came dinner with my parents, and I talked to dad some more about cameras and whatnot, which was always good. I even got a couple of decent shots of him as well, my favorite seen here.

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