Coming Home Checklist

Firefly is on a plane to come home, and I’m heading out in about 10 minutes to pick her up. Is everything done that should be done?

  • Laundry laundered? Yup.
  • Laundry slept on by cats? Yup.
  • Dishes washed and put away? Yup.
  • Litterbox cleaned? Yup.
  • Floor swept and cleaned? Yup.
  • Garbage taken out? Yup.
  • Bills paid and put away? Yup.
  • Business bookkeeping done and receipts put away? Yup.
  • Firefly’s playlist burned to CD? Yup.
  • Toilet seat returned to “co-habitation” position? Yup.
  • Tea ready to start as soon as we get home? Yup.
  • Office cleaned up? Mostly.
  • MP3s all organized and tagged? Nope, but that isn’t really needed anyway…

Ok, time to head out on the road again!

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