Laptop Update

Fozbaca has a link to a story on Panther, the latest OS from Apple. As a hardware update on the much promised powerbooks for work, apparently they are in. The hardware is actually in the Bellingham office (apparently) and they are going to be receiving the OS soon and getting it installed and then shipping it up early next week. I was very tempted just to drive down to Bellingham and pick the thing up, but decided that I wanted to wait to get it with a virgin install of Panther. That was hard though. Oh, and $coworker, if you’re reading this, apparently yours is in as well, so when you get back from holidays you won’t have to wait long.

That said, until I have a cold hard metal laptop in my hands I’m not getting my hopes up or getting too excited đŸ™‚ Proof is in the powerbook and all that.