Photo Swap Meet

One of the things I did this weekend was to go to a Photography swap meet by Lougheed Mall with dad. It was pretty neat, hundreds of people and probably 50 tables with photo stuff. Everything from ancient (and horribly expensive) Leica‘s to relatively new Pentax MZ-5 and MZ-6. Along with that were the microscopes, binoculars, fabric (wtf??), and about everything else under the sun. I was really amazed by the different types of cameras, and their ages. It was really neat.

Dad had a few items to sell, and we managed to get a table for cheap (it was halfway through the day). Managed to sell a couple of bits, and even managed to make it back home without anything new!

2 Comments on “Photo Swap Meet”

  1. Those Leicas may not have been that old – they’ve kept their design fairly “traditional”… even their digital cameras look 20 years old.

  2. Some were old, some were not. Their designs are pretty much the same, but some I saw were designed for the WWII photographers. Most were $1,000+ though 🙂 I should have taken more shots, but believe you me, there was a wide variety. I didn’t even mention the spy cameras (a la James Bond) or the F4-400mm set up on a tripod made of material that looked like it could survive a major earthquake 🙂